Habits of a Good Reader

Habits of Good Readers (School Age)

“Habits of a Good Reader” videos allow parents to use the same terminology at home that is used by teachers in schools. Click on the video links below to view the habits of a good reader!

Step 1 – Preview – Take a picture walk, read the title, and look at the table of contents.

Step 2 – Question – Ask who, what, when, where, why and how.

Step 3 – Predict – Think about what might happen.

Step 4 – Visualize – Create a mental image.

Step 5 – Infer – Read between the lines, combine what you already know with evidence from the text.

Step 6 – Retell – Summarize what happened, use details, organize your thoughts.

Step 7 – Connect – Ask how the reading selection connects to yourself, to other texts, or to the world.

Step 8 – Evaluate – Think about what you learned, determine if it was important, decide if it was enjoyable. 


 RAISE A READER  – Review the “Raise A Reader” flyer here.


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Habits of a Good Reader videos are brought you to by Raise the Bar, Hancock County Educational Service Center, Findlay City Schools in partnership with University of Findlay.


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