The Standards Committee identifies program “outcomes and indicators” and report progress on these to the Literacy Coalition Board twice a year.  Outcomes are benefits or changes for individuals or populations during or after participation in program activities.  They are noticeable differences to individuals and target groups.  The outcome is simply a direct statement of a hoped for condition.  For example:  Parents will read to their preschoolers more often.

The Standards Committee also identifies “indicators” of success.  Indicators are the measurement you will use to determine achievement of the outcome.  In order to determine success, the Standards Committee determines the data that will be collected and analyzed. This might be the number or percentage of persons who actually achieved the outcome or desired result.  For example: 90% of participants indicated that they read more frequently to their children after participation in the program as measured by pre and post assessments.

Based upon the data analysis, committee members report to the board about successful achievement of the outcome, whether revision is needed, and next steps.

The State of Literacy in Hancock County, Ohio (Download document shown below)