Committee Members


The Advocacy Committee is responsible for developing a comprehensive communication plan to increase community awareness of literacy support systems. …more info

  • Chairperson:  Kristy Szkudlarek
  • Charles Lightner
  • Tamera Rooney

Board Governance

The Board Governance Committee is responsible for improving the overall performance of the board members and board of Directors.

  • Chairperson: Jeff Winkle
  • Jane McCleary


The Coordinating Committee has several responsibilities: First, the Committee meets with providers of literacy services in age subgroups to clarify needs and establish priorities. …more info

  • Chairperson:
  • Jane McCleary
  • Stephanie Roth

Financial Development Committee

The Financial Development is responsible to develop and coordinate the financial resources to support the literacy goals, initiatives, and programs of the coalition and to direct the overall financial development plans and policies to insure the sustainability of the LCHC.

  • Michael Momany
  • Dylan Pritchett
  • Bob Schuck
  • John Whitson
  • Jeff Winkle


The Standards Committee identifies program “outcomes and indicators” and report progress on these to the Literacy Coalition Board twice a year. Outcomes are benefits or changes for individuals or populations during or after participation in program activities. …more info

  • Chair: Jane McCleary
  • Bethany Klein
  • Tanya Weising-Pike
  • Jeff Winkle

Early Childhood Committee

  • Chairperson:  Jane McCleary
  • Nichole Gosche
  • Shelly Fannin
  • Rosemary Rooker
  • Cindy Romick
  • Terry Olthouse
  • Tim Ervin
  • Sara Freeman
  • Michael Momany
  • Chelsea Bodnarik
  • Tammy Erwin
  • Stephanie Roth
  • Kim Wilhelm
  • Donna Losiewicz
  • Kathy Young
  • Deb Lautermilch
  • Linda Van Der Molen
  • Irene Mosholder
  • Nancy Hutchinson
  • Kathy Morgan
  • Kelly Branic

School Age Committee (inactive)

  • Chairperson: Stephanie Roth
  • Kimberly Bash
  • Debbie Benson
  • Lisa Dager
  • Allison Bayer
  • Chuck Riley

Adult Literacy Committee (inactive)

Spelling Bee Committee

  • Chairperson: Chelsea Bodnarik
  • Linnea DiBerardino
  • Lisa Dager
  • Jane McCleary
  • Kristy Szkudlarek

Tell A Tale Committee

  • Chairperson: Kristy Szkudlarek
  • Linnea Diberardino
  • Sarah Cramer