Board Members



The Board Members of The Literacy Coalition of Hancock County consists of leaders from all walks of life, sharing the commitment of building, developing and promoting literacy opportunities for those of all ages in our county.

Board Chair             c102e876cfbd83a2f887bb4039e2eeb0
Michael Momany
United Way of Hancock County

Board Chair-Elect
Chelsea Bodnarik
Educational Service Center of Hancock County

Kristy Szkudlarek
Read for L.I.F.E.

Dylan Pritchett                                                               
Edward Jones

Immediate Past Chair
Jane McCleary
retired-Hancock County Educational Service Center

Board Members

Jeff Winkle
Findlay-Hancock County Public Library

Linnea DiBerardino
Children’s Museum of Findlay

Margaret Hirschy
University of Findlay

Heather Heilman
United Way of Hancock County

Bethany Klein
Marathon Petroleum Company

Kara Ross
Donnell Middle School

Stephanie Roth
Findlay City Schools

Robert Schuck
Schuck Law Office

Tanya Weising-Pike
Blanchard Valley School

John Whitson
Whitson Properties


Chair: Kristy Szkudlarek
The Advocacy Committee is responsible for developing a comprehensive communication plan to increase community awareness of literacy support systems. They develop marketing plans and tools, and identify the information that will be included in public awareness resources such as brochures, websites, news releases, etc. Future plans for the Advocacy Committee includes identifying and scheduling key speaking opportunities for the distribution of literacy information to the community.

Board Governance
Chair: Jeff Winkle
The BGC is commissioned by the Board of Directors to improve the overall effectiveness of the Board members and the Board of Directors. The work will take into account the nature of board governance as an on-going function that will not only transcend a variety of Board Chairs but lay the foundation that will work well into the future of Board leadership.

Chair: currently empty
The Committee meets with providers of literacy services in age subgroups to clarify needs and establish priorities using the collective impact model. This is done by holding regularly scheduled quarterly Community Literacy Forum (CLF) meetings for partners and providers. The Committee works to encourage and support the expansion of existing programming and the implementation of new programming where needed. Using knowledge gained from quarterly (CLF) meetings, the Coalition publishes a quarterly newsletter to share literacy information provided by partners, to communicate current literacy research, and to address other topics of interest for all age groups. The Committee supports and/or will provide professional development in reading/literacy/research/writing while encouraging and promoting the use of emerging technologies (e-books, audio books, etc.) to increase access to literature for all age groups.

Early Childhood
Chair: Jane McCleary
This committee is responsible for coordinating Literacy Coalition preschool to grade three literacy initiatives. Responsibilities include identifying the needs of preschool children, coordinating literacy related efforts with agencies that work with young children, communicating with literacy providers, and grant writing. This committee is also responsible for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library (DPIL) program. This includes evaluation of the DPIL program, and working with the Advocacy Committee on marketing and the Financial Development Committee on funding of the program.

Chair: Michael Momany
The EC is a standing Committee of the Board of Directors. It receives its authority from the Board and its actions are subject to review and approval by the Board. The Chair of the EC will be the Chair of the Board of Directors, and the committee members will be the five board officers. The EC will meet as needed to consider urgent Literacy Coalition business. The EC will conduct a periodic review and evaluation of the Director, at a minimum annually. The EC is not to serve as a substitute for the Board.

Financial Development
Chair: Michael Momany
The FDC is commissioned by the Board of Directors to develop and coordinate the financial resources to support the literacy goals, initiatives, and programs of the coalition and to direct the overall financial development plans and policies to insure the sustainability of the LCHC.

School Age (inactive)
Chair: currently empty
The responsibilities of the School Age Committee include: ensuring that all at risk students of Hancock County will have access to after school/summer school intervention programs as needed, ensuring that all at risk middle school and high school  students of Hancock county will be provided with school based  interventions to ensure all students are reading at grade level, ensuring that all students of Hancock County will possess the necessary college/career literacy skills in order to be successful in the 21st century.

Chair: Jane McCleary
The Standards Committee identifies program “outcomes and indicators” and report progress on these to the Literacy Coalition Board twice a year. Outcomes are benefits or changes for individuals or populations during or after participation in program activities. They are noticeable differences to individuals and target groups. The outcome is simply a direct statement of a hoped for condition. For example: Parents will read to their preschoolers more often. The Standards Committee also identifies “indicators” of success. Indicators are the measurement you will use to determine achievement of the outcome. In order to determine success, the Standards Committee determines the data that will be collected and analyzed. This might be the number or percentage of persons who actually achieved the outcome or desired result.

Adult Literacy (inactive)
Chair: currently empty
The Literacy Coalition will advocate for Literacy among the at-risk adult population by, identifying providers of literacy services for the at-risk adult population, meeting with the Read for L.I.F.E. Board to discuss ways to assist in their mission, meeting with ABLE administrators to discuss ways to assist in their mission and meeting with organizations that have contact with the at-risk adult population to maximize the number of the at-risk adult population that is served. The Adult Literacy Committee will work to reduce barriers to adult learning and reduce gaps in literacy services in Hancock County by completing an initial assessment, to identify critical barriers to adult learning and gaps in literacy services that can be addressed, and developing an assessment, distributing the assessment and compiling assessment data.

Spelling Bee
Chair: Chelsea Bodnarik
The Spelling Bee Committee is responsible for all aspects of planning, promoting, executing, and evaluating the Spelling Bee, as a significant, high profile event to raise awareness of the Coalition and as a fundraiser.

Chair: Kristy Szkudlarek
The Tell A Tale Committee is responsible for all aspects of planning, promoting, executing, and evaluating the Tell A Tale youth writing/illustrating contest. The purpose of this contest is to emphasize the importance of youth writing and illustrating, to encourage and recognize creativity by youth, and to build awareness of the Coalition.