4th Grade – High School

Where to get help

4th Grade – High School Literacy Providers

Arcadia Local School http://www.arcadia.noacsc.org/  19033 S.R. 12 Arcadia OH 45804 419-894-6431
Arlington Local School http://www.arlingtonlocalschools.com/  336 S. Main St.
P.O. Box 260
Arlington OH 45814 419-365-5121
Blanchard Valley Center http://www.blanchardvalley.org/  1700 East Sandusky Findlay OH 45840 419-422-6387
Children’s Mentoring Connection http://www.hancockmentors.org/  305 East Lincoln St Findlay OH 45840 419-424-9752
Family Resource Center http://www.frcohio.com/  1941 Carlin Street Findlay, OH 45840 419-422-8616
Findlay City Schools http://www.findlaycityschools.org/   1219 W. Main Cross
Suite 101
Findlay OH 45840 419-425-8212
Findlay-Hancock County Public Library http://www.findlaylibrary.org/  206 Broadway St Findlay OH 45840 419-424-7051 x 260
Findlay Publishing Company-Newspapers in Education http://thecourier.com/  701 West Sandusky St Findlay OH 45840 419-422-5188
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio http://www.girlscoutsofwesternohio.org/Pages/default.aspx  1870 W. Robb Avenue Lima, OH  45805 419-225-4085 or 1-800-962-7753
Hancock County Educational Service Center http://www.hancockesc.org/   7746 CR 140 Findlay Ohio 419-306-2935
Homework Central http://hwcentral.org/  Central Church of Christ
307 E Hardin St
Findlay OH 45840 419-422-3206
Kumon Math & Reading http://www.kumon.com/centerepage/home.aspx?p3=findlay  2020 Tiffin Ave Findlay, OH 45840 567-208-5287
Mazza Museum http://www.mazzamuseum.org/  1000 N. Main St. Findlay OH 45840 419-434-
Hancock County Educational Service Center http://www.hancockesc.org/   7746 CR 140 Findlay Ohio 419-306-2935
Mazza Museum http://www.mazzamuseum.org/  1000 N. Main St. Findlay OH 45840 419-434-4560
McComb Public Library http://mccombpl.org/  113 S Todd St McComb OH 45858 419-293-2425
Millstream Career Center http://www.millstreamctc.org/   620 Lynn St Findlay OH 45840 419-425-8293
OSU Extension- Hancock County http://hancock.osu.edu/  7868 County Road 140, Suite B Findlay OH 45840 419-422-3851
Sylvan of Findlay http://www.sylvanlearning.com/Locations/local-center-page?centerNumber=01441  1781 Tiffin Ave Findlay, OH 45840 419-427-0975
TLC Preschool &
http://www.trinityfindlay.org/homebase.php  935 W. Bigelow Ave. Findlay OH 45840 419-420-9894
The Reading Clubhouse-University of Findlay http://www.findlay.edu/education/The-Clubhouse  1000 N Main St Findlay OH 45840 419-434-4460
YMCA Child Care Development Center http://www.findlayymca.org/programs/  300 E Lincoln St Findlay OH 45840 419-422-4424


More Resources

TEACHING TREASURES – Educational Reading and Math Games for ages 5 -15


Educational Games for students aged 5 to 15 or years K-10. These interactive games provide a fun way to achieve some learning outcomes. Activities are designed to provide an interest in math, English, science, art and general knowledge. Although many students place high value on video games, online games and downloadable games for relaxation, pleasure or something to share with their friends, we believe these games need to have a much greater educational value.

Adolescent Literacy Practicehttp://www.learningpt.org/literacy/adolescent/instruction.php

This section offers both research and practice information on fostering successful reading practices in adolescent students. A section with research-based strategies that offers examples and advice is included as well as information on reading behaviors. Research papers and bibliographies for aspects of literacy are also available.

All About Adolescent Literacyhttp://www.adlit.org/ – Resources for parents and educators of children grades 4-12

Comprehension Aidshttp://www.readingrockets.org/article/3479 – Comprehension strategies are conscious plans — sets of steps that good readers use to make sense of text. Comprehension strategy instruction helps students become purposeful, active readers who are in control of their own reading comprehension. The seven strategies here appear to have a firm scientific basis for improving text comprehension

Instruction and Reading Strategieshttp://www.learningpt.org/literacy/adolescent/strategies.php

This website gives strategies that readers can use to improve their understanding or comprehension of reading materials.

Read Write Thinkhttp://www.readwritethink.org/search/?resource_type=16

Engage your students in online literacy learning with these interactive tools that help them accomplish a variety of goals—from organizing their thoughts to learning about language—all while having fun.  Interactive activities range from grades kindergarten through 12.

Reading is Fundamentalhttp://www.rif.org/us/literacy-resources.htm

Literary Resources offers a wealth of support and information about reading and children. The myriad choices reflect our determination to provide teachers and parents with current trends in education, down-to-earth suggestions on reading in the home, and no-nonsense strategies to improve children’s reading.

The Activities section features scores of learning opportunities for every age group and skill level through various activities, such as cultural heritage, drama, and writing. http://www.rif.org/us/literacy-resources/activities.htm

The Booklists provide topic suggestions—from Early Literacy to Multicultural Books and Motivating Young Readers. http://www.rif.org/us/literacy-resources/booklists.htm

The Articles section is a treasure trove of insight and inspiration for teachers and parents, exploring diverse literacy topics such as reading aloud, having fun at museums, and creating home libraries. http://www.rif.org/us/literacy-resources/articles.htm

The Brochures are easy-to-read guides offering tips for reading with preschoolers and choosing the right books for youngsters. http://www.rif.org/us/literacy-resources/brochures.htm

The Multicultural literacy resources are at the heart of RIF’s Multicultural Literacy Campaign. They provide children windows to other cultures and mirrors of their own experience. http://www.rif.org/us/literacy-resources/multicultural.htm

Interactive Reading Sites Literacy Centers

Easy English Grammar Exercises


Improving Adolescent Literacy: Effective Classroom and Intervention Practices

This guide presents strategies that classroom teachers and specialists can use to increase the reading ability of adolescent students. The recommendations aim to help students gain more from their reading tasks, improve their motivation for and engagement in the learning process, and assist struggling readers who may need intensive and individualized attention.  See the following link to access the article: http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/wwc/PracticeGuide.aspx?sid=8

Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy


The Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy is the only literacy journal published exclusively for teachers of older learners. Each issue offers practical, classroom-tested ideas grounded in research and theory. Whether you work with new, struggling, or skilled readers, you’ll find something of interest in JAAL.

Every issue includes

  • Practical ideas for instruction
  • Reviews of student and teacher resources, including young adult literature
  • Tips on how to integrate technology, media, and popular culture in your classroom
  • Reflections on current literacy trends, issues, and research


Adolescent Literacy Toolkit from CCSSOhttp://programs.ccsso.org/projects/adolescent_literacy_toolkit/

CCSSO’s Adolescent Literacy Toolkit was developed by the Council and multiple partners in response to a state-identified need to develop the skills, knowledge, and resources of content-area high school teachers to implement adolescent literacy best practices and strategies in their classrooms.

The toolkit includes resources for both states and teachers and has the following purposes:

  • To help teachers understand the value of integrating literacy best practices and instructional strategies into content-area instruction.
  • To provide teachers with useful resources to help them integrate literacy best practices and instructional strategies into content-area instruction.
  • To provide resources to states for literacy professional development conducted at the state level.

MC3 Knowledge Basehttp://www.mc3edsupport.org/community/knowledgebases/Project-15.html

The Adolescent Literacy KnowledgeBase provides ways to integrate literacy and content area instruction across grades 4 through 12. The KnowledgeBase supports content teachers with resources to make their teaching more effective.

Strategies and Graphic Organizershttp://readingquest.org/ReadingQuest is designed to provide you with the philosophical bases for sound comprehension strategy instruction, directions for a range of comprehension and content reading strategies, and printable handouts and masters for transparencies. You will be invited to think about how a social studies skills framework might help you choose the right strategies for your lessons.

What Works Clearinghouse Evidence for What Works in Education –  http://ies.ed.gov/ncee/wwc/Topic.aspx?sid=8 This site reviews the research on the different programs, products, practices, and policies in education. Then, by focusing on the results from high-quality research, the site tries to answer the question “What works in education?” The goal is to provide educators with the information they need to make evidence-based decisions